Reviews December 23 2013, 0 Comments

"This is the best side-show in Australia! You've just got to work on your front, your front is what gets people in" Mike M, Carnie
"Saw this shark when I was 4, Incredible! even better 2nd time round, Thankyou :) Noelle D 33yrs, Fremantle
"So amazing, took my breath away, the kids were in awe! Roma B, UK
"Does what it says on the tin, fantastic collection, a great endeavor" Tristan
"I think this is really awesome! thank you for letting me see your amazing things" Benji 6yrs, Perth
"Brilliant!" Celestia, London
"Very interesting, best collection I've seen, great stories!" Deb H, Perth
"Can't believe it's so big! Courteny C, WA
"Four stars, awesome concept, worth seeing" Jordan C, Adelaide
"Very awesome, great for schools" Jenny P, NSW
"Amazing bus museum!!! A whole world in a bus, magic. Really interesting and the owner is really nice!" Alice, Belgium
"Best museum in a bus ever!" Phil G, NSW
"We are less scared of sharks now!" Dakota & Jamie
"Why is the shark dead?' Beau, 4yrs
"Amazing, fantastic learning experience, totally diminished my fear of sharks. Thankyou!" Jean K, Vic
"Scarey as heck but still awesome! Daymon
"Could spend a whole day in here, so much effort, amazing! Sean G, WA
"Fantastic -Kids loved it! Buchanan family, WA