Shark Safety

Shark Safety tips

      Sharks are generally uninterested in preying on people, with only six to twelve fatalities being recorded annually. You can further reduce the risk of shark bite by observing the following.

  • Avoid entering the water around dawn and dusk. 
  • Take a buddy with you when you swim, dive or surf.
  • Where possible swim between the flags and on patrolled beaches.
  • Heed warnings from lifeguards and spotter aircraft.
  • Talk to the locals and ask about shark and bait fish sightings and water conditions.
  • Avoid murky water, and sewage outfall, understand poor visibility increases risk.
  • Avoid being in the water with baitfish and other prey species.
  • Leave the water if you see dolphins, seabirds or sharks feeding. 
  • Avoid being in the water near fishing activity.
  • Understand canals rivers and river mouths are areas of increased risk.